Urgent Request for Food Funding


Drought is both cruel and stubborn. Most small-scale farmers in East Africa rely on rain to water their crops, eating what they grow and selling any excess harvest to purchase other goods. Since April 2016, there’s been 16 months of insufficient rainfall for growing food.


Now, the rains have arrived for our partner, Nchiru Children’s Village, located in central Kenya. However, the joy of rain has led to further distress. The rains are too heavy and persistent. The fields that were planted in October are now washed out. So, we’ve gone from one extreme to the other, from parched earth to flooding.


East African Children’s Fund partners with Nchiru Children’s Village to feed and grow food for 900+ orphaned children and young adults. With the drought, harvests were insufficient. And now, with the flooding conditions, future harvests will be minimal, too. Food prices have doubled for staple items including beans and corn: the two foods that these children consume daily. Your help is needed to buy food to sustain these children until food prices normalize and future crops can be harvested.


Thank you for your consideration!