Charles' Story


My name is Charles. I come from Isiolo County in Kenya. Before I came to Nchiru Children’s Village in 2011, I took care of my family’s few goats which we relied on as our food. I am the first born so it was my duty to find grazing land for our goats. I was herding under a very hot sun, and I moved miles to look for pasture and water which are very difficult to get. The place is very dry and rain only appears after a long period of time. The only plants that you can see there are the cactus and acacia trees.

When I came to this school I was very happy because of the healthy food we eat and the good education. We produce most of our food. We plant vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, amaranth, kale, and tomatoes. Our amaranth porridge which we take for breakfast is also very good for our health. Staying healthy is important so that we can follow our four pillars: prayer, study, sports, and work.

I can say that I came from a very humble background. I am trying my best to change that.