Our Partners


EAC Fund’s partners focus on empowering orphaned and vulnerable children and youth so that they develop into healthy, productive members of their communities committed to improving the lives of those around them. Our current partners include:


Nchiru Children's Village

More than 3,000 meals are served daily to the 900+ children and youth who live and attend school on-site. These children come from 14 different tribes and live together as brothers and sisters. Half the children come from the northern tribes of Kenya, where food insecurity and malnutrition are chronic. One third of the boys are former street children. From backgrounds of abuse and hardship, these children and youth regularly receive some of the highest test scores in their district on the annual Kenyan exams. All students in grades 8 and above participate in the food security programs, thereby learning valuable life skills. Upon graduation, all students progress to college, university, technical programs or employment.


"I come from Samburu County, one of the semi-arid areas, in Kenya. I lived with my grandmother in a small hut which we call a manyatta. We had 2 cows and a dog called Rambo. Before coming to Nchiru Children’s Village in 2010, I took care of my grandmother and our 2 cows. This was very hard for me since I also wanted to go to school."



Samburu Community Farming

The Samburu, a community of semi-nomadic pastoralists, live in Northern Kenya and suffer from unreliable rainfall, droughts, and floods. Malnutrition is pervasive; more than one-third of children under 5 years suffer from stunted development. This community continues to suffer acute drought conditions. Currently, we are assisting with food relief for schoolchildren and youth.