Frankline'S Story

Frankline Graduation day.JPG

It’s after losing my beloved parents that I found myself living in the streets. Life was difficult there because we were marauding in order to get a piece of bread for the day. I came to St. Francis in 2003 to begin school life. Many at St. Francis gave us words of encouragement and taught us the importance of education. They boosted our morale. Back then, St. Francis had no electricity and we took our meals under a tree. We had to presevere because all what we wanted was education. We used well the little resources that were there until we sat for our first national exam in 2003 for Class Eight level.  We didn’t have high hopes for secondary education [high school] but we thanked God for the struggles of Fr. Riwa who ensured that we continue. I struggled through by burning the midnight oil to ensure that my dreams came true. After completing my secondary level [high school] exams, I continued to work before I joined college where I trained as a teacher. In 2016, I completed my Bachelor of Education and graduated with honors. I thank God for the help of Fr. Riwa and all the benefactors who gave a hand of help in my life because where I am today is because of those sacrafices made for me.