Sheila'S Story


I come from Samburu County, one of the semi-arid areas, in Kenya. I lived with my grandmother in a small hut which we call a manyatta. We had 2 cows and a dog called Rambo. Before coming to Nchiru Children’s Village in 2010, I took care of my grandmother and our 2 cows. This was very hard for me since I also wanted to go to school.

I like reading novels and going to church. I am also interested in Law and I would like to become a lawyer after my education, aiming to ensure that justice prevails in all parts of our country, Kenya.

When I came to Nchiru Children’s Village, I was very happy because of the good education here and the healthy food we eat. In Samburu, we did not have access to food and ate only once a day.

Food security in our school is good because we produce most of our food. We plant many fruit trees: mangoes, oranges, avocados, and bananas. Personally, I love bananas because they are very sweet.

We also plant vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, kales, tomatoes and amaranth. These vegetables are really tasty and especially when we have them for lunch with ‘ugali’. Our amaranth porridge which we take for breakfast is also very good for our health.