East African Children’s Fund supports school feeding and sustainable farming programs for orphaned and vulnerable school children in East Africa to promote access to education. We support our partners' initiatives to improve the nutrition and health of vulnerable school children in East Africa. 

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Orphaned and Vulnerable School Children




We partner with local leaders who develop long-term solutions for challenges in their communities.



100% Direct Giving

Your donation to East African Children’s Fund goes directly to mission.


What We Do


Every day, our partners serve 4,000 plus meals to orphaned and vulnerable school children.

Health & Hygiene

Our partners immunize more than 1,000 children and administer HIV medications.


Sustainable Farming

We support sustainable farming programs to promote self-reliance and to teach essential life skills to both school youth and their surrounding communities.

Small-Scale Enterprises

We support partners’ initiatives to raise cash crops, develop small scale food enterprises, and decrease donor dependence.


“It’s after losing my beloved parents that I found myself living in the streets. Life was difficult there because we were marauding in order to get a piece of bread for the day. I came to St. Francis in 2003 to begin school life. Many at St. Francis gave us words of encouragement and taught us the importance of education.”


"My name is Naserian and I come from Marsabit county in northern Kenya. Before I came to Nchiru Children’s Village, my job as a young girl was to look after my uncle’s camels. I spent my days with the camels and finding firewood for cooking. I did not eat the whole day until I returned home in the evening with the firewood and camels. "